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Does scorpion sealing affect property value?


Does Scorpion Sealing Effect Property ValuesIn the strict sense of the word, a scorpion sealing probably will not have a direct effect on your property value. You probably won't get away with adding it to the list of amenities, such as a pool or garage. However, since legally you must disclose if you've had scorpions in or around your home when you list it for sale, it makes sense that you would also want to disclose it if you've had a professional Scorpion Sealing done, as well.

So think about it: if you were considering a home for purchase, and it was disclosed that there had been scorpions there in the past, would it make a difference for your peace of mind to know that the home had been professionally sealed? Probably so. A really good scorpion sealing adds value to the home in an indirect way, but it does add value. At the end of the day, the out-of-pocket cost for a scorpion seal is a very good investment in the re-sale value of your home. It's an even better investment in your quality of life as nobody wants to get stung by a scorpion - especially in their own homes or beds.

If you have scorpions in your home, a quality, professional Home Seal will definitely help - if done correctly. If you want more info, fill out the form below. I'll send you a firm scorpion sealing price quote (no surprises!) and I'll even knock $50 OFF! for using the form. We've helped literally 1000's of folks with their scorpion problems since we opened up in 1991 and we can help you, too.

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