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Need scorpion control in your Phoenix area home?

Need really GREAT scorpion control? We seal out scorpions in Scottsdale AZ, Peoria, Gilbert, Chandler, Anthem and throughout Maricopa County. With our professional home seal, also known as scorpion sealing, we seal it up, making it difficult for scorpions to get into your home. You will also save a little on your electric bill, since much of what we do for a home seal is recommended by for energy savings. With the Phoenix summers being what they are, that means that the scorpion sealing cost will eventually pay for its self. It will also help to reduce the dust and dirt that gets inside and the amount of pesticides needed in your home.

Seal Out Scorpions For The Best Scorpion Control

There are LOTS of scorpions in AZ. Our team of AZDA Licensed Scorpion Sealing Pros have thousands of quality home seals under our belts since 1991. All of our home seal customers have seen a significant reduction in the numbers of scorpions found inside of their homes, specifically the Arizona Bark Scorpion, which is the usual invader. And once we've done the touch-up paint it's pretty much impossible to know that the work has even been done. It's nice to know that if you have us scorpion proof your house, there are some great benefits besides getting rid of the scorpions, which makes the scorpion sealing price a better overall value. And it's as close to permanent as scorpion control can be.

How Do You Permanently Get Rid Of Scorpions?

The single most effective way to mitigate a scorpion control issue is to seal out scorpions, also known as a scorpion sealing. If done correctly, home seal services will keep the mass majority of scorpions out while helping to reduce your electric bill. Other forms of pest control should be utilized to reduce other insects, which makes up a scorpion's food source.

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"The Scorpions Are Gone!"

We had scorpions in our home for years. We tried several pest control companies but were unable to get rid of the scorpions. These guys came out and sealed our home up. The scorpions were completely gone within a few weeks. Seal out scorpions - what a great service!

- P. T.

Peoria AZ

"The Scorpions
Are Gone!"

We had scorpions in
our home for years.
We tried several
pest control companies
but were unable to get
rid of the scorpions.
These guys came out and
sealed our home up.
The scorpions were
completely gone
within a few weeks.
Seal out scorpions -
what a great service!

- P. T.

Peoria AZ

How do you get rid of scorpions in your house?

A home seal, if done correctly, will make it very difficult for scorpions to get in. It should last for years, which makes it a great investment. The use of sticky traps in the house will help catch any that have already found their way in. Place them against the walls on each side of any doors that lead in from the outside and behind furniture and beds.

Scorpions are some pretty interesting critters:

  • They are actually called the Striped Bark Scorpion
  • They are closely related to the Baja California Bark Scorpion
  • They are relatively small compared to most other species with the male only getting up to a little over three inches and the female less than three inches.
  • The Bark Scorpion is the most venomous scorpion in North America. Symptoms of a sting may include pain and numbness at the sight of the sting, tingling in that limb or part of the body, and in some cases vomiting. If you are stung in the foot you can expect tingling in that leg.
  • The grasshopper mouse seems to be immune to scorpion venom.

Here's More Info About Scorpions:

  • Their exoskeleton glows at night under a black light. However, freshly molted scorpions do not glow under a black light for the first few days after the molt.
  • Generally, they give birth to between 25 to 35 young at a time.
  • The newborns climb up on mom's back until their first molt then venture out on their own. If they didn't, she would eat them.
  • Scorpions do not nest in the true sense of the word. You may find multiple scorpions in an area but that just means there's plenty of food, moisture and shelter there. They prefer to be alone.

Wind Scorpions:

  • Wind Scorpions (Solpugid) are natural predators of bark scorpions as are birds, reptiles, rodents, peccaries, snakes, spiders, and.....other scorpions.
  • There are also Whip Scorpions in Arizona. Learn more about them HERE.


Scorpion Stings:

Note: most scorpion stings occur when folks lay, sit or step on the scorpion.

Though they don't want anything to do with humans, their natural instinct is to protect themselves and they do that with their stinger. If you have or think you may have scorpions in your house, shake out your clothing and shoes before getting dressed and your bedding before going to bed. A lot of stings happen when the scorpion is sleeping comfortably in a shoe or boot until a foot slides in on top of them. It's also highly advisable to teach young children the difference between good bugs and bad bugs. They should be instructed to tell an adult immediately if they think they've seen a scorpion.
Don't get stung - seal out scorpions instead!

Wind Scorpion In Arizona

Wind Scorpion In Arizona

How To Seal Scorpions Out Of Your Home

Yes - sealing up your house is the best overall scorpion control method. But, maybe you wanna try it on your own? The idea of a home seal or scorpion sealing is simple: to make it much more difficult for Arizona Bark Scorpions to get into your home. Notice we said Arizona Bark Scorpions, specifically. Out of the nearly four dozen known species of scorpions here in the Phoenix AZ area, there is only one who can climb up a vertical surface, or even up side down on a horizontal surface: the good ol bark scorpion.

Though every structure is constructed a little different, when we seal a home to help prevent scorpion intrusion, there are several things that are fairly universal regardless of the structure:

  • Remove A/C vents in house, seal the gap between the air duct and the drywall, re-install the vents.
  • Seal gaps between and plumbing and the drywall that it breaches
  • Check, adjust and even replace weather stripping for any door that goes outside or to the garage.
  • Seal gaps under the threshold of any doors that go outside or to the garage.
  • Seal the gap between the weep screed and the stem wall on the outside of the structure. Note: we DO NOT seal the weep holes as this can cause a moisture problem inside of your walls.
  • Seal any gaps around porch lights or any other openings on the outside of the house up to 8' above the ground.

More Ways To Seal Out Scorpions:

  • Seal any gaps or openings in the garage that may allow scorpions to get into the house or the walls.
  • Screen both exhaust and plumbing vents up on roof.
  • Protect wall-mounted dryer vent with pest-proof cover.
  • If the customer can provide matching paint, we will touch up all of our work so it's extremely hard to tell the work was even done.
  • Sticky Traps/Monitoring stations in each room of the house.
  • NOTE: This is PESTICIDE-FREE Scorpion Control!

A great home seal is right at the top of the list when it comes to scorpion control Phoenix AZ - and throughout Maricopa County.

Additional Scorpion Control Steps

Here are some additional steps you can take to take your scorpion control program up a few notches:

  • Remove debris from everywhere on your property, but especially close to your home.
  • Seal the gaps between blocks in your block wall with silicone caulk or stucco the block wall.
  • Use yellow bulbs in all exterior lighting fixtures.
  • Don't over water your plants and be sure there are no water leaks ( sprinkler/drip system, spigots, etc.).
  • Use a black light and hunt for scorpions on your property. Once per week should provide great results.

We Seal It!

Get a free quote and get rid of the scorpions. We find all of these points of entry and more - and We Seal It! Fill out the contact form below and let us seal out scorpions for you and your family today! You won't find better scorpion control in Phoenix AZ.

We Seal The Gap Around The Air Conditioning Vents - Before

Air Vent Before Home Seal

We Seal The Gap Around The Air Conditioning Vents - After

Air Vent After Home Seal

Did You Know?

If you list your home for sale, legally you must disclose any previous scorpion activity. You also get to disclose if your home has been professionally sealed, which will help a potential buyers peace of mind, ultimately helping to preserve your property value.

What keeps scorpions away?

There are some natural repellants that can help with scorpion control, including these essential oils: lavender, cinnamon, peppermint and cedar. Some species of chickens will eat scorpion, as well. For a long term scorpion control solution, we recommend a home seal or scorpion sealing service.

We Seal Out Scorpions

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