Home Seal Or Scorpion Sealing?

What's The Difference?

I you're handling do it yourself scorpion control, you may read about a home seal here or hear about a scorpion sealing there. But what gives? Home seal or scorpion sealing - what's the difference and what do you need to know about them? Glad you saksed!

So: Home Seal Or Scorpion Sealing?

Technically, a true 'Home Seal' or 'Home Sealing' originally referred to sealing a home up for energy savings. And, of course, a true 'Scorpion Sealing' refers to the act of sealing a home up to keep scorpions out. For our purposes, home seal or scorpion sealing are the same. The way we have done the 1000's of scorpion sealing jobs that we've done specifically targets a scorpion problem. However, much of what we recommend is also recommended by energystar.gov for energy savings as well. These two services really go hand in hand and compliment each other very well.

One thing to remember, though: we are directly targeting a scorpion problem inside of the home or business - not energy savings, per se. That's not our expertise. As such, folks who offer home sealing services that specifically target energy savings are not scorpion control specialists, either. And the cost of a true energy saving home seal service will be quite a bit higher than what we do, too.

Even contractors don't really understand the nuances of a true scorpion sealing service. So, if keeping scorpions out of your house is your goal, our DIY Scorpion Sealing How-To E-Book is the right choice for you. If you follow the step-by-step instructions, it won't matter if you call it a home seal or scorpion sealing. It will help with both, but especially scorpions.

Home Seal or Scorpion Sealing

Scorpion Stings

One last thing: if you've had scorpions in your house, everyone in the family needs to shake out their clothing, shoes and boots, check their bedding before getting into bed and don't walk around bare foot at night. We don't want any of you to get stung by a scorpion. Let's get some serious scorpion control - and some energy savings as a bonus - going for you today. Happy Hunting!

John's Pick:

Glue Boards Are An Absolute Must!

No matter what else you decide to do when it comes to scorpion control, USE STICKY TRAPS! Chemical free, inexpensive, and easy to use, a good sticky trap is probably the single most useful tool in your efforts to get rid of scorpions. here's a link to the exact glue board that I used for nearly 40 years of providing a professional scorpions control service. get them!

Trapper Max Glue Traps 72 Glue Boards Trap Mouse Bugs Insects Bed Bugs Spiders Cockroaches Non-Toxic, w
  • Great non-toxic way of catching rodents and insects.
  • The glue covered surface measures 4.5"X 6.5" (The whole trap is 5.25"X 7.75")
  • Can be used as flat or folded and placed where rodent or other target pests activities have been observed.
  • Includes 72 peanut butter scented glue boards
  • Boards are scented

Bestselling Scorpion Poisons

If you follow through with a DIY Scorpion Sealing, you won't need to use pesticides inside of your home or business as much, which is a great side benefit. But, if you still want to treat your home or business for scorpions and other pests, here is a curated list of the best selling scorpion poisons. Read and follow the label very closely.