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Will a scorpion sealing lower my electric bill?


Theoretically, yes. It's not something that we can quantify, but if just makes good sense that if we seal out scorpions from your home, we are also sealing out the hot summer air and locking in the expensive cold air that our air conditioners produce. And I don't have to tell anyone who lives in the Phoenix Arizona area that the summer electric bills hurt just a little bit. It can be one of the biggest chunks of our budgets if we're not careful, so anything that helps reduce that cost long term is a good investment.

If you check out you'll find a lot of great ideas for making your home more energy efficient. A lot of what we do within our home sealing service fits in nicely with the things that they recommend. And since we use quality products and take the time to make sure we seal out scorpions the right way, it should help you save money on your electric bill for many years, which will help offset the overall home sealing service cost, as well. You can see another great article about home energy savings HERE.

Speaking of saving money: reach out via this contact form and we'll knock off $50 OFF! if you hire us. So, save $50 up front, who knows how much on the electric bill for years to come, and keep the scorpions outside where they belong? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me:) Use this contact form for more info and I'll take $50 OFF! if you hire us. Happy Hunting!

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