What is the cost to seal my house from scorpions?


Cost Of Scorpion SealingThere are several factors that can go into the scorpion sealing or home sealing cost and I'm sure every pest control company that offers scorpion sealing has their own twist. We've been doing this for a long time: I've been in the pest control industry since 1986 and in business since 1991, so we've boiled it all down to a pretty simple formula. As long as you're located in the Metro Phoenix area the cost of sealing your home from scorpions is based solely on the square footage of your home. I know that sounds maybe too simple, but again - we've been doing this a long time. I've put together what I feel is the best meat and potatoes scorpion sealing service around based on thousands of happy customers.

For the most part, the homes here in the valley are built pretty similarly and after doing a few thousand seals I decided we could build a box that nearly every home in the valley could fit in. That allows us to fix the cost ahead of time so, on our end, it's not a factor. The quality of the work and the results we get for our customers is the only thing we need to worry about and that's the way I like it. There is basically a checklist that we go through with every home seal service. Every one of those items are identified and then we seal it and when we do, we use quality products that work very well at sealing out the scorpions. This process is so much easier for our customers than the old way was when we had to schedule an inspection and then provide a scorpion sealing price. At the end of the day, not only will you have peace of mind, but our home seal will save electricity and may make your home easier to sell if that's something you decide to do.

It must be working because we continue to do LOTS of home seals and our customers are always happy. I make sure of it personally. So, if working with a scorpion control company that does everything in an up front, transparent way, fill out the contact form below. I'll send you a firm scorpion sealing price quote and I'll even knock $50 OFF! for using the form.

And remember: shake out all of your clothing, including shoes and boots, check your bedding before climbing in and don't walk around bare foot at night. I don't want you to get stung. Happy Hunting!

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