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Will the scorpion seal affect the way my home looks?


A professional home seal - or scorpion sealing - should have little to no effect on the aesthetics of your home. The key word here being 'professional'. If the home sealing technician knows what he's doing and takes the time to do it right it should be pretty much undetectable. Of course he needs to use the right products and the customer needs to provide matching touch-up paint, too. If it's ugly when he's done make him fix it. Scorpion control doesn't need to be ugly to be effective and, in general, 'ugly' can only hurt your property value, which isn't a good thing.

Our scorpion sealing service will have virtually zero effect on how your house looks. get a free quote and if you use the contact form below, I'll even knock $50 OFF! if you choose us.

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